A new route with Oriole & Bombay Sapphire

Which route do you take? Is it the most interesting one?

When you enter Oriole, you are invited to take a journey where times loses its meaning and distances between cultures shrink as you take your first sips.

 Our goal is always to create drinks that connect different parts of the world, with the aim to bring together new flavours and new approaches.

 Bombay Sapphire has partnered up with our bar manager Ali Ali, to design a very special concoction called Silk Route.

 As the name indicates, this is a bridge between East and West, inspired on the network of trade routes that played a major role in the economic, cultural, and political interactions between these regions for more than 15 centuries. It allowed different cultures to be exposed to each other, opening long-standing relations between civilizations.  


Silk Route

 Bombay Sapphire Gin

Pistachio seed aperitif 

Lemon juice 

Rose and Vetiver Kombucha

This drink will be available exclusively at Oriole, throughout the Autumn for only £12. A route worth taking!


The importance of a good vessel

Without any knowledge or experience in the drinks world, my father always told me - “nothing beats a good Scotch in a chunky rocks glass.” The notion that there is a perfect glass to match certain spirits or cocktails is intrinsic to the very first moment you drink something. I’d go as far as to say this even applies to a glass of water!

Although bartenders like to break the rules, glassware is something that is always more or less left “normal”. The rocks, the collins, the flute, the wine glass, the coupette, the martini...although you can find thousands of variations, in most of the bars the range of glassware will be based around these.

As we move into a post garnish-extravaganza era, the trend now is towards a simpler and cleaner presentation. Often it’s only a detail; a colour, a sensation, something apparently simple that draws us in to experience the complexity of the drink hidden within. 

Here at Oriole, simplicity means something else. We have always used our vessels as part of the experience, something to catch your eye even before you have your concoction on the table. It’s a thrilling moment, giving you the first glimpse of the cocktail’s personality, the first clue as to what kind of journey we want to take you on.

Originality has been one of our founding values and our selection of drinking vessels is a great way to showcase that. No two signature cocktails are served in the same glass, and most of them have been specifically selected to match the idea behind the drink.

With the new menu launched earlier this year, we used some classic Oriole glassware and connected them to new ideas, but we have also added some beautiful new additions created especially by our team.  

A good example is our Sandhammaren, created by our bar manager Ali, connecting the drink, to its place of inspiration - a lighthouse in the southern part of Sweden, known for being a place with a lot of fossils.

Oriole 2019 menu 146 (1).jpg

Another one, composed by a shining snow-globe, resembling the northern lights and the white landscapes of Canada, is our Bon Echo, created by our bartender Samet Ali.

On the gallery below are some of the most iconic vessels we have. Have you tried them?

As Albert Einstein once said “creativity is contagious, pass it on”. 

Waqar presents August Aperitivo Offer


London’s under a heat wave. The nights are getting hotter and people’s thirst needs to be quenched

- welcome to August

To celebrate this month of peak summer, why not try our latest aperitivo offer?

We have that bringer of cold breeze, The Waqar Sour - a fizzy, refreshing, citrusy, slightly savoury treat:

Waqar Pisco
Rica Rica

The aperitivo offer is available from 6-8pm daily, costs £10 and comes with a seasonal snack. It’s the perfect way to kick off those balmy summer nights!

Introducing our new offer Dinner & Show Thursday, Friday & Saturday Evenings at Oriole

ORIOLE FOOD JUNE 2019 @lateef.photography-19.jpg

On Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights you can now enjoy a fantastic three-course set menu in the decadent surroundings of Oriole.

Specially prepared for you by our Chef Gundars Lazdans using fresh and delicious produce, you can eat whilst also enjoying one of our brilliant bands performing right in front of you.

The menu is subject to change depending on what catches Gustavo’s eye that week, but here is an example of one of the mouth-watering menus our guests have enjoyed so far.

The delicious menu also features vegan options for each course.

Thanks to the support of our friends at St. Germain, Dinner & Show also includes a special welcome drink to start the evening the right way.


Asian Tuna Ceviche


Burratina with beetroot and rocket salad (V)


Surf & Turf Bavette Steak with Prawns and red wine sauce


Sweet Potato, Green Curry Ice Cream, Tamarind, Sambal (VE)


Brownie with vanilla ice cream (V)


Churro, Goat Cheese Curd, Passion Berry Agave Syrup, Manchego (v)

Please let us know about any dietary requirements.

Bookings must be made in advance and are refundable 48 hours in advance of your booking if you wish to cancel. Non-refundable with less than 48 hours notice. Drinks will be available to purchase separately on the night.

St. Germain presents July Aperitivo Offer


Wimbledon. Strawberries and cream. Harry Potter's birthday. It can only mean one thing – we’re up to our knees in July.

To celebrate this month of peak summer, why not try our latest aperitivo offer?

We have that bringer of sunshine, The St-Germain Spritz - a sparkling, summery, citrusy, slightly savoury treat:

Heritage Tomato
Lemon Juice

The aperitivo offer is available from 6-8pm daily, costs £10 and comes with a seasonal snack. It’s the perfect way to kick off those balmy summer nights!