A new route with Oriole & Bombay Sapphire

Which route do you take? Is it the most interesting one?

When you enter Oriole, you are invited to take a journey where times loses its meaning and distances between cultures shrink as you take your first sips.

 Our goal is always to create drinks that connect different parts of the world, with the aim to bring together new flavours and new approaches.

 Bombay Sapphire has partnered up with our bar manager Ali Ali, to design a very special concoction called Silk Route.

 As the name indicates, this is a bridge between East and West, inspired on the network of trade routes that played a major role in the economic, cultural, and political interactions between these regions for more than 15 centuries. It allowed different cultures to be exposed to each other, opening long-standing relations between civilizations.  


Silk Route

 Bombay Sapphire Gin

Pistachio seed aperitif 

Lemon juice 

Rose and Vetiver Kombucha

This drink will be available exclusively at Oriole, throughout the Autumn for only £12. A route worth taking!