The importance of a good vessel

Without any knowledge or experience in the drinks world, my father always told me - “nothing beats a good Scotch in a chunky rocks glass.” The notion that there is a perfect glass to match certain spirits or cocktails is intrinsic to the very first moment you drink something. I’d go as far as to say this even applies to a glass of water!

Although bartenders like to break the rules, glassware is something that is always more or less left “normal”. The rocks, the collins, the flute, the wine glass, the coupette, the martini...although you can find thousands of variations, in most of the bars the range of glassware will be based around these.

As we move into a post garnish-extravaganza era, the trend now is towards a simpler and cleaner presentation. Often it’s only a detail; a colour, a sensation, something apparently simple that draws us in to experience the complexity of the drink hidden within. 

Here at Oriole, simplicity means something else. We have always used our vessels as part of the experience, something to catch your eye even before you have your concoction on the table. It’s a thrilling moment, giving you the first glimpse of the cocktail’s personality, the first clue as to what kind of journey we want to take you on.

Originality has been one of our founding values and our selection of drinking vessels is a great way to showcase that. No two signature cocktails are served in the same glass, and most of them have been specifically selected to match the idea behind the drink.

With the new menu launched earlier this year, we used some classic Oriole glassware and connected them to new ideas, but we have also added some beautiful new additions created especially by our team.  

A good example is our Sandhammaren, created by our bar manager Ali, connecting the drink, to its place of inspiration - a lighthouse in the southern part of Sweden, known for being a place with a lot of fossils.

Oriole 2019 menu 146 (1).jpg

Another one, composed by a shining snow-globe, resembling the northern lights and the white landscapes of Canada, is our Bon Echo, created by our bartender Samet Ali.

On the gallery below are some of the most iconic vessels we have. Have you tried them?

As Albert Einstein once said “creativity is contagious, pass it on”.