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 Food & Drinks

The pinnacle of the experience, where all your senses converge on a symphony of colors and flavours, effects and smells. Concoctions that will take you far away, guiding you through the 4 corners of the world, and dishes that will perfectly complement the ride.

Menus designed to wonder, flavours thought to surprise and the culminate of all the creativity behind the award winning Oriole Team.



Gathering a variety of ingredients with different shapes and flavours, from the four corners of the world, our concoctions are a ticket for an evening of exploration and wonder. Headed by Ali Ali and Mihai Ostafi, our bar team creates the bridge between a fine drinking experience and a walk around the planet.

Our food is an authentic delight for those who like their souls to travel while eating. Our head chef Gustavo Giallonardo has designed a Nikkei inspired menu that puts together his South American roots and the japanese inspired techniques, opening the door for an extensive and delicious explosion of flavours