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Appleton Estate presents Festivo

A night of Calypso by Festivo kindly sponsored by Appleton Estate rum. Please note due to a private event we will be open for service at 9pm with the live music starting from 9.30pm. 

Appleton Estate is an expertly crafted rum with 265 years of distilling history behind it. Representing the oldest sugar estate and distillery in continuous production in the world, Appleton Estate is nestled in inland Jamaica in the lush and verdant Nassau Valley. 

Boasting its own terroir - the perfect combination of soil, sun and temperature - the sugar cane and limestone water essential to rum production are provided by the estate. The liquid is aged in 40-gallon Number One Select American Oak barrels watched over by Joy Spence, Master Distiller. The perfect combination of ideal landscape, perfected knowledge and centuries-long passion combine to create a truly refined and exceptional rum. 

Festivo are an exhilarating fusion of Caribbean, Latin jazz and Eastern European musical styles and rhythms.  Formed by Dominic Grant and Frank Biddulph Festivo reflects their musical background and interests.  Dominic, an outstanding guitarist and composer of all the music on the album, is the son of a West Indian father (Cy Grant) and Czech mother, whilst Frank’s exuberant jazz violin style has strong Eastern European influences.  Add the huge talents of steelpan player Mark Cherrie, and we get a complex mix of melodic and rhythmic textures and adventurous flights of the imagination, creating music that is beautiful to listen and dance to.

A special menu of reduced price cocktails made with Appleton Estate rum will be available all evening. 

Warm and innovative, a little gem of world music
— The Birmingham Post