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Bacardi Presents Fred Snow's Bootleg Trio

We're delighted to present an evening of live music and delicious Rum cocktails courtesy of Bacardi.

The group fronted by the illustrious Fred Snow, and deliver gnarly old barrel house tunes, street smart with a lingering impression of a Hamburg Rough-house. Quoting Woody Guthrie, Tom Waits, Marlene Dietrich, David Bowie, 3 Mustaphas 3, Jacques Brel, Agnes Bernelle, Alex Harvey, Queen, Velvet Underground as fonts of scant reverence. Usually found loitering in High Society weddings, Shanghai award ceremonies exclusive gatherings.

As a result of the generous support of Bacardi we are also able to offer a special menu of cocktails at reduced prices featuring Bacardi all night along with free live music courtesy of the brand.