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Grey Goose presents Fraser & the Alibis

We're delighted to present an evening of jazz and delicious cocktails courtesy of Grey Goose.

From 9pm, london based four piece Fraser & the Alibis play the hippest in Bop, Blues and Boogaloo. 

Inspired by the big tenor sax sounds of Dexter Gordon and the screaming Organ of Jimmy Smith, the band play original tunes, drenched in the roots of the music. With a nod to 'Sam Butera and the Witnesses', Fraser & the Alibis channel the intensity and feel good effect of the swing and jive music of the dance hall era, combined with the virtuosities and flavours of the Blue Note movement. 

As a result of the generous support of Grey Goose, we are also able to offer a special menu of vodka cocktails at reduced prices featuring the brand all night long, with free live music.

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