Oriole is due to open on the 20th November 2015.

From the founders of one of the world's most notorious and legendary bars comes Oriole. 

Nightjar parents Edmund and Rosie Weil have revealed their plans to take over the former Cock Tavern site in London's Smithfields Market to create a bespoke new bar of global influence and unique design. Oriole is so named after the exotic bird species native across Africa, Europe, Asia and Australia with the cocktail menu reflecting this by interpreting the flavours and tastes of these parts of the world. 

With 120 covers over tables and banquettes, Oriole will be bigger than its relative Nightjar but still maintain all of the same values where custom drinks and live entertainment are the central focus. The bar will feature a central stage to host many a musical musing and the decor is rumored to follow a colonial tiki aesthetic with grand wall murals and design features throughout. 

There's set to be an evening menu of small grazing plates too so you can munch away whilst you sup on the tailored libations. 

Check back in for more detail on this hot new opening!