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This Tuesday Havana Club Presents Son Guarachando at Oriole

As a result of the generous support of Havana Club,this Tuesday 8th December at Oriole we are able to offer the unique sounds of Son Guarachando free of charge as well as a special menu of cocktails at reduced prices featuring Havana Club 7 Yr. Sprecially priced drinks will include the Chittagong Cooler as some more creative twists from our bar team.

Son music originated in Cuba around the turn of the 20th Century, combining elements of Spanish cancion and African rhythms and percussion instruments of Bantu. It grew to global popularity in the 1930s (one of our favourite decades!) and remains one of Cuba's defining national styles of music.

Son Guarachando are one of the foremost exponents of Cuban Son, salsa and Latin Music working in the UK. They are fronted by vocalist Adriana Lord from Havana who has worked with the likes of William Vivanco, Eliades Ochoa (Buena Vista Social Club) and NG La Banda. Indiviually the band members have been at the apex of Latin music scenes of Colombia, Spain, Cuba and the UK.